Our Services


Every dog and cat needs their vaccination against fatal diseases to stay happy and healthy

Pet Health plans

Spread the costs of your veterinary visits throughout the year, follow the link for more information


Lost or stolen, this number gives you legal ownership and traceability

Digital X-Ray

We provide full-body digital X-rays - the fanciest black and white pictures you’ll ever see

Blood testing and in house labs

With a drop of blood we run our own in-house labs with results in 15 minutes!


Just SMILE!!! We carry out descale, polish and tooth extractions


A safe non-invasive way of diagnosing conditions including pregnancy

Pet passports and travel schemes

Planning a future holiday to the UK or elsewhere, we’ll sort the paperwork! Be passport ready!

Nutrition and Weight control

Tailored diet plans and regular weight check-ups to keep your pet fit!


Safe, Smooth Surgery, from neutering to the removal of lumps and bumps, we take care of your pet from the minute they step in the door


Contact us on 0433357301 for EMERGENCY ONLY consults

New puppy or kitten

Overwhelmed with the cuteness? We provide a full health check-up, vaccination, microchip, flea and worm for your new pet

24-hour Emergency Services

Emergency: 043 33 57301