Emergency Vet Longford

Searching for an Emergency Vet in Longford? We have got you covered!

Emma Plant Veterinary Hospital (A.K.A. Happy & Healthy) in Killoe, Co. Longford provides 24/7 Emergency Care.  

Contact us on 0433357301 for EMERGENCY ONLY consults.

Fully Accredited Veterinary Hospital

Our hospital is equipped to the highest standard so we can provide a higher level of care for your pet.

Our staff have many years of experience. They are willing to advise you on all your pet’s needs and concerns. .

Emergency Vet Longford - Emma Plant Veterinary Hospital (Happy and Healthy)

we have a fully dedicated team of experienced veterinary practitioners

Our Services

We have state of art equipment to provide a number of in-house testing services

We aim to make you and your pet's experience with us as pleasant as possible

Our Doors Are Always Open

24-hour Emergency Vet Longford Town. Open 7 Days a week