24 Hour Vet Longford

Need a 24 hour Vet in Longford? You’ve come to the right place!

Emma Plant Veterinary Hospital (A.K.A. Happy & Healthy) in Killoe, Co. Longford provides 24/7 Emergency Care.  

Contact us on 0433357301 for EMERGENCY ONLY consults

Fully Accredited Veterinary Hospital

Our hospital is equipped to the highest standard so we can provide a higher level of care for your pet.

Our staff have many years of experience. They are willing to advise you on all your pet’s needs and concerns. 

24 Hour Vet Longford - Emma Plant Veterinary Hospital (Happy and Healthy)

we have a fully dedicated team of experienced veterinary practitioners

Our Services

We have state of art equipment to provide a number of in-house testing services

We aim to make you and your pet's experience with us as pleasant as possible

Our Doors Are Always Open

24-hour Emergency Vet Longford Town. Open 7 Days a week