Best Vet in Longford

Looking for the Best Vet in Longford? Emma Plant Veterinary Hospital (A.K.A. Happy & Healthy) have got you covered.

Did you Know?

Here at Emma Plant Veterinary Hospital, we only employ the best qualified Vets and Nurses. All our Vets and Nurses are encouraged to continue with their education by doing extra courses and keeping up-to-date with the latest treatments. This gives you the reassurance that our Vets will provide your pet with the best treatments that are available.

We also work closely with a Veterinary Specialist based in Summerhill, Co Meath when your pet needs that extra care. If your pet is getting an Xray we can also send them to a specialist Radiographer for their valued opinion.

The team at Emma Plant Veterinary Hospital aim to provide you with the best care and attention at all times.

we have a fully dedicated team of experienced veterinary practitioners

Our Services

We have state of art equipment to provide a number of in-house testing services

We aim to make you and your pet's experience with us as pleasant as possible

Our Doors Are Always Open

24-hour Emergency Vet Longford Town. Open 7 Days a week