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Need a Vet for Microchipping in Longford? Emma Plant Veterinary Hospital (A.K.A. Happy & Healthy) have got you covered.

It’s the Law!

Microchipping your dog is a legal requirement in Ireland. It is also required if you need to travel outside of Ireland.

The Process

  • The process involves inserting a chip into your pet. The chip is approx. the size of a grain of rice.
  • The chip has a unique number.
  • This number is registered to a database with all your details. In the unfortunate event of your pet being lost and they are found they can be quickly scanned and reunited with the owner.
Microchipping your Pet - Emma Plant Veterinary Hospital
Microchipping - Emma Plant Veterinary

What You Need To Know

Before buying a puppy the breeder must, by law, have them microchipped and have Change-of-Ownership documents available for you to sign on the day you collect your puppy.

At present in Ireland there are three databases which can hold all your details. These are also linked to a European Database should your pet be scanned in another country.

It is important that all microchips meet European Standards so therefore only get your pet microchipped by authorised personnel.

Unfortunately the microchip is not a tracking device. Your pet must be found and scanned before any information can be acquired.

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